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PDS is a property sourcing business that predominately links the property Sourcer with the property Investor. Property deals are negotiated and packaged by a property Sourcer, to then be sold on to a property Investor.

We educate and empower Sourcers to find properties for profit by leveraging innovative strategies and spotting ‘latent’ value. This process yields high quality stock that can be then sold to Investors who want to build a professional sustainable portfolio.

With 7 Directors and over 100 years property experience we are passionate about educating and mentoring our Sourcers to build their own Sourcing business.

PDS is truly committed to quality Sourcing and offers a unique FREE web listing service for all property Sourcers. So, they don’t have to worry about the marketing and we help fast track the cash.

Whether you are seasoned investor looking to build your portfolio or a complete novice that just wants additional cash to supplement their day job….we can help…..

To understand how we work please click on our other pages and FREE downloads section, where we offer an array of useful information and resources. Go on have a look…we can make you happy…

Our Sourcers Mission:

“educate and empower people to source property for profit”

Our Investors Mission:

“to build a sustainable property portfolio”

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