how to find a property sourcer
28th March 2019 by Property Deal Store Administrator in Investors, Sourcers

How to Find a Property Sourcer

One of the biggest challenges of entering the property investing world was always; where and how do I find a deal?

The options were simple; to find a deal yourself through putting in a lot of work to search, find, research, make an offer on, and finance the property. Or, to find a property sourcer. Whether that be a professional sourcer or another investor who had access to a deal that didn’t fit in with their plans.

If you went the sourcer route, the process was awash with potential issues…

Who could you trust? Would it actually result in less work, given you would be searching for a sourcer rather than a property? And, most of all, where are these people?

Solving an industry-wide problem

As a result of these issues, Property Deal Store (PDS) was born. As far as we know, there are no others like us. We match sourcers with investors, allowing both seasoned investors and those new to the game to access the same great deals, all provided by reputable sourcers that are conducting business the PDS way – with reliability and sustainability in mind.

Our mission for our investors is to be the go-to platform for the creation of a sustainable property portfolio. And for our sourcers, we want to provide a platform to empower people to source property for profit. To do this, we need to find and work with sourcers that have the investors’ best interests as well as their own at heart. We provide a wide-variety of resources to help sourcers and investors alike grow reputable businesses this way – as our founders have done for themselves.

Welcome to the place that brings it all together. The platform that the industry has been crying out for. Making waves in property is now quicker and easier than ever before.

Sounds great, but who is sourcing not suitable for?

If you have time on your hands and are well connected you may decide to hunt for deals yourself. Regardless of your situation though, it’s always worth asking yourself how you could best spend your time.

If a sourcer could save you 5 days’ work for a cost of £500 for finding a property, would that be a good deal? Probably.

Similarly, if a sourcer could secure you a deal for £20,000 less than you could yourself, why wouldn’t you pay £5,000 for the deal?

What about local knowledge?

It’s pivotal to success that your property sourcer knows their area and there’s one important thing you need to do to make sure that dream investment is all that it seems…

Do your own research

Always be sure to fully research any deal that you are considering.

The main benefit of using a sourcer is to get access to deals you may not otherwise, but it can also be easy to get carried away and think that the sourcer will be doing all the work and you just need to make the purchase.

The savvy investor knows that this isn’t true. Doing your own research is just as important as if you had found the deal yourself. Even trustworthy experts can be wrong sometimes, and who’s to say what’s a great deal for someone else is right for you?

Yes, a property sourcer will save you time and likely a significant amount of money, but always do your own research, especially at first. Then over time, you will build up strong relationships with the right sourcers for you, saving you even more time and money over the long term.

Have a look at deals available today

If you’re an investor, whatever your current position, why not have a browse of our available deals  now to give yourself an idea of what a sourcer could find you? Search by category, location, and specific keywords for professionally sourced deals and get in touch if you would like to find out more.

Interested in becoming a sourcer?

Becoming a property sourcer can be a great way to build an additional income or embark on a new business venture. If you have a passion for property and are looking to do something new, sign up for a free account now and get exclusive access to our downloads section where you will find a variety of resources to help you get into the business.

Again, if we can help further, please do get in touch.

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– Jonathan Bootland, director and co-founder at Property Deal Store