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14th May 2019 by Property Deal Store Administrator in Investors, Property Deal Store News, Sourcers

Introducing, Property Deal Store

There are no shortcuts to success in the property world, but that doesn’t mean your route to living the dream can’t be made significantly easier. It’s our job to make your success as property investors and sourcers much more likely and to help you achieve your goals quicker than you ever could have expected.

That’s why we’re here.

How do we do that?

It can take years, even decades, to build a well-known, respected and trusted reputation in the property world, even if you’re a natural communicator and networker. There are a lot of barriers in the way between you and success.

With the creation of Property Deal Store, we’re looking to change that. To remove the need for you to leverage your own network to source or sell property deals.

Property Deal Store connects the property sourcer to the property investor.

Property deals are negotiated and packaged by property sourcers and then published on the website for purchase by the property investors. This is the platform the industry has been crying out for.

We have created Property Deal Store with a clear mission in mind: to be the go-to platform for investors to build a successful property portfolio whilst facilitating the development of a successful career in property sourcing for out sourcers.

We empower sourcers, leading to the delivery of quality stock, enabling investors of all sizes to build ethical, sustainable portfolios.

Nobody can be successful on their own and bringing reputable sourcers and investors together in this way means you will have access to a community of like-minded people to work with.

Who are we?

There are three of us who have come together to create Property Deal Store. Together we have amassed well over 70 years’ experience and we’ve worked together on many projects before.

We all felt there was a big hole in the market that needed filling with a service such as this, and we are proud to present Property Deal Store as the site that will change the game.

We found over the years that we repeatedly came across the same problems for ambitious people starting out in property:

  • How to source great deals
  • How to connect with investors

Problems that Property Deal Store has been designed to solve.

So, let’s introduce ourselves…

Janice Minihan

I’m Janice, a former teacher and lover of all things property.

Having started investing in my native Australia, I now own property in the UK as well as back home.

Keeping up to date with the industry through education and hard work worldwide, I’m looking to help others change their lives through property. Property Deal Store will make it a lot easier for you to get started and become successful in property, if you’re willing to work hard, and continuously learn to develop yourself and your business.

Chris Faulkner

Hi, I’m a third-generation property professional born into the business.

I’ve won numerous awards and am widely experienced in lease options, BTL, refurbishment, flips, maintenance and lettings.

I’m excited to see how Property Deal Store can help people enter the property world and become a success in the industry that I love.

Jonathan Bootland

Hello, Jonathan here. I know first-hand the potential of property to offer high returns on investment.

In over 30 years of managing large corporate portfolios through to small residential estates, I’ve seen it all. Having spent the last 15 years building a sustainable limited company portfolio, investing for both yield and capital growth to become financially independent, I’m passionate that my involvement in Property Deal Store can help change people’s financial futures.


So, that’s us. We hope you will join us and kickstart your journey to property success today.

Joining Property Deal Store is free and you will get immediate access to the following benefits:

  • Visibility of all current available deals
  • A wealth of resources including e-books and PDF downloads to help you achieve a successful career as either a property sourcer or investor
  • Regular updates on all things PDS!

To join, simply register here – It only takes a minute and your membership will be confirmed straight away.

We look forward to welcoming you and speaking with you soon.


– Janice, Chris & Jonathan, directors of Property Deal Store