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29th July 2019 by Property Deal Store Administrator in Investors

How to Keep Your Properties Secure During the Holidays

It’s that time of year when most of us are looking forward to jetting off to our chosen all-inclusive resort or spending some quality time away with family closer to home. No matter your plans, it’s important not to overlook the importance of securing your home and your investment properties amongst all the excitement of your upcoming break.

Why is summer such a concern?

People generally spend more time away from their properties in summer. Some stay empty for as much as two weeks at a time, and even longer in some cases.

To compound the issue, most holidaymakers these days love to share every moment of their getaway with their friends on social media, a tell-tale sign that their property is empty and a green light for burglars.

It’s not just when you’re away that the likelihood of a burglary increases either. Hot weather leads to doors and windows being left open for long periods, and garages and sheds being used more. This makes it easy to forget to lock everything up, leading to more opportunity for the keen-eyed burglar. ‘Nipping to the shop’ could cost you a lot more than the thing you’re going out to get. It’s important to stay vigilant even if you’re at home or only leaving the house for a short period.

Securing your properties – before you go away

Remember to take care of the following before you leave, whether it’s your home or helping your tenants secure theirs…

  • Repair sheds where needed to make sure they’re secure – especially if they are used to store expensive items such as lawnmowers and power tools
  • Make sure all window locks are working and in use
  • Set timers on lamps so they come on and off at set times of the day
  • Keep valuables, house keys and car keys out of sight, including making sure they can’t be seen should someone peak through your letterbox
  • If you’re a self-managing landlord, send these tips to your tenants before the busy summer season. Be sure to help them where you can to secure the property, by repairing damaged/tired outbuildings and making sure window keys are available, for example.
  • Consider hiring someone to manage your properties in your absence if you’re a self-managing landlord. And have someone on hand to carry out any urgent repairs
  • Put an emergency fund to one side to cover any unexpected problems – these things have a knack for cropping up at the most inopportune times!
  • Tell your tenants you’re going away in advance and who to contact in your absence. If you don’t have anybody, ask that they only contact you in an emergency
  • Ask a friend or a neighbour to look after your home while you’re away. Plants need to be watered, the post taken out of the letterbox, and deliveries taken inside. The property needs to look occupied

Secure for summer

Whatever your plans are, if you follow the guidelines we’ve set out here, you can relax knowing that your properties and your business are as secure as they can be for the summer and beyond.

While you’re away

If you’ve got a fortnight on the beach to look forward to, you’re going to need some reading material to keep your brain ticking over. Summer breaks provide the perfect chance for some thinking time, to plot your next move, and to plan for a great rest of the year.

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Wishing you a secure and sun-filled summer.

-Janice Minihan, co-founder and director of Property Deal Store