15th January 2021 by Property Deal Store Administrator in Development, Investors, Sourcers

What’s the importance of having a Coach or Mentor?

The coaching industry is massive and especially now more so than ever as we pivot and tackle life in a different way because of COVID-19. Here in the UK, life 12 months ago is almost unrecognisable. Having a coach/mentor/confidante cannot be underestimated. Talking through thoughts/ideas/next steps is paramount to keep moving forward and staying positive. This coaching and mentoring industry is such a huge industry because people see the value in having someone to guide them, look at their situation from a different perspective and move them forward.

In my teaching profession, when I first started 2 decades ago, you were never given a Mentor and were just expected, as the Aussie saying goes, to ‘wing it,’ ‘fake it until you make it’ and ‘if no parents are complaining, then you must be doing something right.’

Fast forward to the 21st Century and this mentality just doesn’t cut it. Proper training and having a Mentor are expected. I remember my younger cousin walking in one day proclaiming he’s just paid (what I thought was a large sum of money) to a property coach to accelerate his investing and connect him with the right people. At the time this triggered me in the following ways:

  • Who would do that?
  • Why would you do that?
  • What can he give you that you can’t find out yourself?
  • That is an extortionate amount of money
  • Who even knew such a thing existed?
  • He’s several years younger than me, why does he not think he has to work hard at his career first before going into property?

So many questions.

It was an eye-opening, pivotal moment in my life as it turned out. Fast forward about 2 years and I found myself sitting in a UK property seminar and the rest of my life changed, right there and then as I signed up for the next step in training and then onto coaching and mentoring myself. Hand on heart, I am where I am LARGELY due to coaches and mentors and think of myself as a rottweiler to NEVER let anything go until I’ve achieved what I set out to. These people, while they were successful, genuinely wanted to help others achieve their own success and this resonated with me. The penny dropped about my cousin, it clicked WHY he was doing it and in just a few short years, he was making a LOT of money in property because he engaged someone already doing it which DID accelerate his property investing journey. Those initial questions I had then turned to – Well why can’t I? What’s stopping me?

Since moving to the UK just over 6 years ago, I too have been on my property journey and while I could’ve done it all myself, and to be frank, I really could have but it would have taken me 10 times longer. I’ve worked extremely hard in so many areas (because I’m like a sponge and just LOVE learning) to get where I am but this is not necessarily the SMARTEST way to achieve success. This is what society ingrains in us! Through having different business, property coaches and mentors to personal coaches, the amount in monetary terms really is not at the forefront of my mind. The OPPORTUNITY to have these people in my life, to tap into their network, to step outside my comfort zone and be challenged not only in property but business as well has shifted my mindset, my investing journey, and my business acumen.

Leaving my school teaching career behind in July 2017 was scary but right for me and I’ve never looked back and now I find myself ready to start teaching again only in my passion PROPERTY – through education, coaching, mentoring – tailoring the experience to what an investor needs.

Property is a small world and it did in the early days surprise me how willing people are to help so reach out, find someone who can accelerate your journey and who you feel aligned with. It’s your time and only you can change the course of your life through action.

Here’s to a healthy, prosperous and productive journey in 2021!

All the best,