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A message from our Director:

I’m currently completing Tony Robbins’ New World New You 5-day challenge (Day 4) and being the eternal learner that I am, always wanting to try something new, I had a lightbulb moment yesterday and I’m inviting you to join me!

I want to improve the town we live in – Burnley, LANCS and create a better world for our kids! Now with the opportunity of Homeschooling we have that chance to impact their lives even more and guide them to be global citizens by making a tangible difference.

As a former primary school teacher it saddens me to see the state of our environment (not to mention the endless sheets that are sent home to teach them) so as parents, let’s inspire our children to make a difference. To be proud of themselves and their area. Will you join me on my mission?

Added benefits on starting this now in Lockdown is they are doing exercise (Government recommends children aged 5-18 years of age get 60 mins per day of moderate intensity physical activity), making their area cleaner, safer, and more prosperous while learning about various subjects through real-world activities. Taking pride not only in themselves but where they live. Be more positive in themselves, those around them and then the wider community. Under current lockdown rules we are allowed out to exercise so why not make it two-fold? Win-win.

Every Sunday, we do a 2 hour walk somewhere in Burnley. Some weeks we do a big loop around the streets, canal, through town and back home and unfortunately it is packed with litter, the canal is filled with all sorts of stuff. Breaks our hearts!

Join Pat, Orl and I as we go on a mission to #cleanBurnley EVERY Friday from 10-11am! (or you do whenever works for you) Feel free to post your photos on our page Minihan Primary and Property Academy (MPPA) https://www.facebook.com/mppa2 and let’s BE THE CHANGE WE WANT TO SEE!

We hope you join us (even if you don’t have children at home, everyone is welcome!),