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Property Deal Store: Investor Success Stories

At Property Deal Store we work tirelessly to bring the most value to our clients and our users. It’s therefore important to us to share the stories of people like you who have benefitted from our work. Those who have found strategies that work for them to get what they want out of their property careers.

We work with both new and experienced property professionals and through these stories we want to show you what’s possible and why we work the way we do to help you get results.

Property Deal Store

Firstly, a bit about Property Deal Store.

At the core we’re a platform that connects sourcers and investors. Sourcers negotiate and package deals before listing them on our platform for investors to purchase.

We have a clear mission: to be the go-to platform for investors to build a successful property portfolio whilst facilitating the development of a successful career in property sourcing for our sourcers.

In addition we also host a series of training programmes. One thing we know for sure when it comes to property is: knowledge is king. We’ve been there and done it when it comes to investing and we want to equip you with the skills you need to access the large financial gains available in property. We want to help you live the life that you want thanks to your success in property.

Here’s a look at some recent success stories and ongoing developments within Property Deal Store.

Kevin’s Story

As a recent PDS mentee, Kevin completed his 6-month training programme. In that time not only did Kevin source his first deal, but he also secured himself two Below Market Value (BMV) deals!

Here’s what Kevin had to say about his experience:

“I have just completed a 6-month mentorship programme with Janice from Property Deal Store.

After undertaking property training with another well-known training provider, I found myself ‘like a rabbit in the headlights’ and not fully knowing which direction or which property strategy would best suit my needs.

I reached out to Janice and instantly knew she was the right person with the right ethos to help guide me on my property journey.

Over the 6 months, Janice has provided practical guidance that has been motivating and beneficial to my professional development and has always been ready to provide recommendations and support when needed.

Throughout the programme I have built good solid foundations to carry my business forward and purchased two great property deals for myself. I have also sourced and packaged a deal for an investor which will yield great returns. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Janice and the team at Property Deal Store to anyone looking for support/guidance with their own property journey.”

A Money-Making Mini Mo!

There’s other strings to our bow, you know. Were you aware that we also manage and complete property projects for clients through our sister company that’s owned by PDS director Janice Minihan? Together we can provide a complete solution from sourcing the deal through to finding you your first tenants.

We recently finished a mini mo project for a client. Then, having conservatively looked at the figures we moved on to refinancing the deal. We planned for a Done Up Value (DUV) of £70,000 but went on to receive a valuation of £80,000.

This will allow the client to pull £60,000 out of the project ready for his next investment. In fact, he’s now buying the property next door and is working with us to project liaison that for him too.

Apart from having no money in this deal, he also has a cash flowing asset of £1,125 (gross) per month. Quite a result!

Here’s the finished property:

A 6-bed HMO

One of our direct sourcing clients has been keenly waiting for a property we sourced them to complete. Finally it happened earlier this month and now we embark on creating a 6-bed HMO. We look forward to working on the next step of the journey together!

Liaison & Lettings

We’ve mentioned Janice’s business that offers a project liaison service. Well, the company has also recently reopened the lettings side of the business due to continuous requests from clients for the service. Demand is high and the team are excited to once again offer a full turn-key service in East Lancashire with quality build teams and experienced staff members that have our clients at heart.

PDS Programmes

As we go into planning an exciting 2022 we are looking at our training programmes and considering how we can best serve our clients over the coming year. More details will be revealed in due course but we want to hear your suggestions on what you want us to cover. We love customer feedback and it helps us create programmes that best suit your needs and goals. Please send your thoughts to enquiries@propertydealstore.co.uk.

If you want to find out more about us and how we can help, call the team on 01282 570752 or use the above email address to enquire about our services.

All the best in property,

The Property Deal Store team