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27th October 2021 by Property Deal Store Administrator in Investors, Sourcers

Property Training: Why You Must Eliminate Beginner Mistakes

When you’re starting out in property investing, one thing matters above all else – knowledge.

Learning from your own mistakes will improve your results over time but by then it could be too late. One bad project can stall or even end your property investment journey.

Learning from others who’ve been there and done it however will save you lots of money and time. Eliminating common beginner mistakes will get you to your goals faster. It will give you the knowledge you need to avoid huge, potentially fatal mistakes that some beginner investors fall foul to.

What you need to know about property investing

Property investing isn’t a get rich quick lifestyle, it takes years of dedication and work. Getting the right knowledge from proven sources at the outset is essential if you want to succeed. It’s the foundation that you must put in place before you start investing your money.

Can you replace your current income through property? Absolutely. But not immediately, it will take time and you need to be willing to put in the work and keep building over time.

New investors can quickly fail if they perceive property investing as access to easy money without putting in the hours to acquire the knowledge that they need.

Start here: a proven property course from Property Deal Store

“Knowledge is power, but it’s nothing without action”

So, you’re willing to invest the necessary time to equip yourself with the skills you need to succeed?

The good news is it doesn’t need to take years of learning on the job as you go while you’re making costly mistakes for you to get this knowledge. A property investment course delivered by expert, seasoned investors can help you achieve your goals a lot faster, whilst saving you money and plenty of headaches.

But it’s important to take a course as early as possible, ideally before you invest a single penny in anything else. We know because that’s exactly what all our directors did when they first started out and they continue to learn all the time. Learning is a lifelong vocation.

All three PDS directors have active, high performing property portfolios – Janice in Burnley, Lancashire and Brisbane, Australia. Jonathan and Chris in Wakefield and Scarborough, Yorkshire.

We are always upskilling through having coaches and mentors of our own, being part of masterminds, and networking. Knowledge grows when it is shared.

Start your journey now

We’ve designed our training courses to supercharge your pathway to success. We will help you avoid costly mistakes and help you take quick, decisive action so you can start your property investing journey at speed. We will help you make sure that your pivotal first investment is a success.

Learning from the best in the business will steer you in the right direction and help you to avoid the pitfalls of investing in property.

Investing pounds now will save you thousands in the future!

Investing in property can be an exciting experience, leading to huge financial and personal gains. So, whether your aim is to generate a regular income or hold long-term investments for capital growth, following our training programmes will set you up for success.

Sign up for our Introductory Property Course today and get access to immediate guidance from our market-leading team. You can take the whole course fast or you can learn at your own pace by logging in to our training portal when you can around your current job.

If you don’t feel like you need a full property training course we offer individual modules too, including:

  • Profit Renovation Profile
  • Profit Sourcing Profile
  • Profit Enhanced Buy To Let Profile
  • Profit Selling Profile
  • Profit Development Profile

Find out more about all our property training courses here.

All the best in property,

The Property Deal Store team