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30th December 2021 by Property Deal Store Administrator in Investors

Property Training: The Time is Now

When it comes to making things happen in life, it can be said that the best time to start was yesterday and the second best time is today. We know that to be true when it comes to property training.

We see time and time again people who’ve completed our courses start reaping the rewards about three months later if they continue to take consistent action towards their goals. By nature then, the earlier you start your training course the earlier your decision to start investing in property will start to bear fruit.

What do you want to achieve?

Are you happy with where you are in life?

What are your long term financial and lifestyle goals?

Property investing can be a great way to help you achieve your ambitions but it’s important to consider what success looks like to you before you begin. Then you can make a plan to get there through successful property investing.

All successful property investors have one crucial thing in common – knowledge. They committed to gaining a thorough education in property investing from the outset and then they never stop building their knowledge base.

At Property Deal Store we’re committed to helping you change your life through property and getting you started on the path to financial freedom. We can work 1-2-1 with you, not just to teach you all you need to know about property investment, but also to mentor you and help you stay on track.

We’ve been there and done it and we’re here to show you the way through our training courses and keep you accountable to your goals through our mentorship programmes.

Where do you want to be in three months’ time?

Doing and only doing will get the job done!

Planning is important, but planning alone is simply wishing and dreaming for something in the future. It’s time for action today.

As we’ve said, it can typically take three months for you to start to see real benefits from your proactive actions.

Where do you want to be three months from now?

Do you want to be armed with the knowledge you need and actively in the process of acquiring your first investment property, or do you still want to be thinking about taking the leap without having made any progress?

Are you still undecided on property investing?

Perhaps you’re still in the consideration phase because you’re still not 100-percent committed to starting out in property investing. After all, it takes a lot of time and financial commitment to enter the fray.

If you’re still thinking about starting out in property investing but not yet fully committed to the idea, why not dip your toe in and get a taster?

To help you on your way we offer property training modules for less than £100 each.

By this time you’ve probably done plenty of research, watched TV shows and YouTube videos about all things property, but that doesn’t equate to real-life experience. And whilst experience is something that you can’t buy, you can buy knowledge and get support from those who have been there and done it.

Join us at Property Deal Store

Our three directors have come together to create our courses. All of whom have active, growing property portfolios worldwide, and together they have over eight decades of experience to share with you.

We believe there’s no other property training providers in the market that can offer what we’re offering.

In 2022 we’re looking for a tribe of like-minded investors who wish to provide high-quality homes for their tenants. Our entire ethos centres around creating a win-win for all parties. For you, for us, and for your tenants.

Start your property investment training now and come on the journey with us. It’s going to keep getting better and better!

If you want to know more about us or any of our courses, feel free to call us on 01282 570752 or email It would be great to hear from you.

All the best in property,

The Property Deal Store team