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31st January 2022 by Property Deal Store Administrator in Investors

How To Spot An Up-And-Coming Area For BTL

As property investors and training providers we always say one thing matters above all in property – knowledge.

It’s no different when it comes to choosing where to invest. You need to take the time to find out everything about the area and what’s in the pipeline to improve it. It’s important to understand the current opportunity it presents and its potential to generate capital growth and increased rents over time.

Research is key

Research comes in a variety of forms. It doesn’t just mean searching on the internet, you also need to get out and about in the community to find things out that aren’t common knowledge and to network.

When doing your research it’s a good idea to get the help of experts where you can. For some services you may pay a fee but it can help you get the right knowledge, and get it quicker. This can save you a world of pain in the future as you will avoid costly mistakes that can come with investing in areas that you’re not fully familiar with.

What to look for

Many smaller towns that have sat dormant for many years are now starting to come to life. To find new investment hotspots try to identify towns that have big plans in place. Plans such as gentrification in the town centre, new developments and new housing estates.

When an area is going through regeneration, local councils sometimes offer grants or loans to attract investors, which you will want to know about. Not only can access to these funds help you build a larger portfolio, they also help you identify areas which councils are significantly supporting financially. This can give you even more reassurance that the area should yield strong capital growth over time.

When these sleeping dogs are starting to come to life it can mark a great time to invest so you can ride the wave as the area develops.

Find a sourcer

The property market is very buoyant at the moment and it’s a great time to buy if you’ve completed your research on an area and have your ‘power team’ – your network of experts – on hand to help you.

If you want to find out more about how to build your power team or if you’re interested in finding a property mentor to guide you, have a look at our property training courses.

If you’re looking to discover a new area but you’re not sure where to start, it can pay dividends to connect with expert property sourcers who can find deals for you.

Check out the PDS platform

Property Deal Store is the place that connects property sourcers to property investors. Sourcers negotiate and build deals before publishing them on the site for investors to purchase.

We’ve created PDS to be the go-to platform for investors to build a successful property portfolio whilst facilitating the development of a successful career in property sourcing for our sourcers.

We empower our sourcers, leading to the delivery of quality stock, enabling investors of all sizes to build ethical, sustainable portfolios. However, it’s still important that you continue to carry out your own research to make sure that a deal is right for you.

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