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23rd March 2022 by Property Deal Store Administrator in Investors

Are You an Astute Investor or an Average Investor?

It’s an interesting question to ask yourself to make sure you’re not missing out on new opportunities or leaving money on the table.

We consider ourselves astute investors because we have many strings to our bow.

We always want to make sure that we’re thinking of new ideas and staying up to date on new ways of investing. It’s important to us that we have our finger on the pulse so that new investment opportunities don’t pass us by.

Do you consider and learn about alternative property investment strategies as often as you should to remain astute?

Here’s our current investment strategy…

On your property investment journey it’s important to make sure you don’t hit a dead end by running out of cash to invest. You always need to be thinking of ways to take money out of existing investments to fund the next.

At the moment we’re selling a property as a performing asset. This gives our buyer, an investor, solid HMO income from day one. We also get an uplift in the property value compared to selling on the general market.

With part of the money from this sale we’re buying a great property in a terrific location at 25% BMV. It’s currently underperforming in terms of rental income – however the aim is to bring the rent up to market value and refinance in 6-12 months’ time at true market value. That will then allow us to take our money out again to reinvest.

This is why it’s always worth investing in acquiring knowledge from more experienced investors. It allows you to take advantage of ideas like this and provides you with greater insight into what works.

Researching, networking and learning = knowledge

As property investors and training providers we always say one thing matters above all in property – knowledge.

You need to acquire knowledge from various sources to find the best new opportunities.

Research comes in a variety of forms. You can use the internet to get so far but you also need to get out and about in the community to find things out that aren’t common knowledge. Networking is part of this so that you can get to know likeminded investors and property professionals in person.

It’s always a good idea to get the help of experts where you can, regardless of your level of experience. Your learning should never end if you want continued success.

Some services, such as property training, you will need to invest in, but this is well worth it to get the right knowledge and get it at speed.

Property training from Property Deal Store

At Property Deal Store we’ve created our property training courses from our decades of property investing experience.

Our three directors have come together to do this. All of whom have active, growing property portfolios worldwide.

We believe there are no other property training courses available that offer the level of insight we are providing.

Our entire ethos centres around creating a win-win for all parties. For you, for us, and for your tenants.

Find out more and start your property investment training with us today.

If you want to know more about us or any of our courses before you sign up, just call us on 01282 570752 or email