create gains through planning permission
30th March 2022 by Property Deal Store Administrator in Investors

How to Create Gains Through Planning Permission

In our last article we asked: are you an astute investor or an average investor?

The premise being that astute investors are always looking for alternative property investment strategies and new ways to make money.

We also shared one of our current property investment strategies that you can use yourself to free up money to reinvest and grow your portfolio.

Here we are going to look at another strategy for you to consider – how to use the planning process to create a rise in value and how to access these gains. This is another strategy that we as investors are using ourselves.

The idea behind creating gains through planning permission

As an investor you will no doubt have heard about people buying a property with no planning permission at a low price, then getting planning permission granted and selling the property for a higher price without doing any of the works.

Generally new planning permission creates a hike in the value of a property. That could be for a new build, a change of use, or a simple extension. Most approved plans add scope and therefore value.

That’s why creating gains through planning permission and then selling the property on is a solid property investment strategy.

How to create gains through planning permission and access them

If you can put up with the process of planning, you can access significant gains. We also tie this in with a Lease Option strategy, which means that sometimes you don’t even need to buy the property.

Our strategy involves selling the Lease Option on to another investor once we have had planning permission granted.

We get the uplift from having the planning approved and the investor moves straight onto doing the project. Like everything else we do here at Property Deal Store, this creates a nice win-win scenario.

Do you want to expand your property knowledge?

Knowledge matters above everything else when it comes to being a successful property investor. For example, had you considered tying in a Lease Option to access planning gains like we do?

Knowledge = opportunity.

We know because we’ve been there. Not only does acquiring the right knowledge afford you more opportunity, it also helps you to avoid catastrophic mistakes that could set you back years.

That’s why Property Deal Store is more than a platform, we also provide various training courses to help both new and experienced property investors.

Our three directors have a combined eight decades of experience and all have active, growing property portfolios worldwide. We have come together as a team to create our market-leading property training courses.

Property training from Property Deal Store

For 2022 we’ve fine-tuned our packages and created one core offering: Direct Source.

Here’s a look at the detail:

If you’re not looking for this level of assistance, we also offer individual modules that cover:

  • Renovations and development
  • Sourcing
  • Enhanced Buy To Let
  • Selling for profit
  • Property finance
  • Adding value
  • Creative strategies

You can sign up for these courses here and start your property training with us today.

If you would like to speak to us before you commit or if you want more information, please call us on 01282 570752 or email