Who We Are

Who are we ? The Directors of Property Deal Store are a group of three dynamic property professionals with well over 70 years of expertise who have collaborated on a number of property projects.
We found over the years we repeatedly came across the same problems for ambitious people starting out in property;

    1. Where to find top quality, reasonably priced training without the hype.


    1. How to source great deals.


              How to connect with investors.

Having created fantastic solutions to these problems we decided to share them with other like minded people keen to develop their property businesses – and so Property Deal Store was born.

Janice Minihan - Property Deal Store

Janice Minihan

Janice is a former teacher who loves the property sphere and brings a wealth of knowledge. She is an investor who has built a portfolio over the past decade in Australia and England. Keeping up to date with the industry through education in both countries she now offers her skills to those looking to make a change in their life using property as the tool of doing so. She has done Lease Option Deals, Buy-Refurb-Sell and Buy-Refurb-Rent deals.

Chris Faulkner

Chris is a third generation property professional born into the business. An award winning property investor widely experienced in Lease Options, BTL, refurbishment, flips, maintenance and lettings. Former PIN host and host of The Wakefield Property Investors Breakfast Meeting, Chris loves to share his wide experience with others.

Jonathan Bootland

Jonathan is passionate about the potential of property to offer high Returns On Investment. His career spans more than 30 years managing large corporate portfolios through to small residential estates. Over the last 15 years he has built a sustainable Ltd. Co. portfolio, investing for both yield and capital growth to become financially independent. He is a devotee to heavy refurbishments, title splits and contemporary new builds. By leveraging this experience, pensions and joint venturing he helps others deliver wealth and life choice.

Interests outside property are largely stereotypical; revolving time around a young family and where practicable escaping into a world of cars, beer/wine and good food.