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The Importance of Buying Property Early in Life

Hi, I’m Janice, one of the directors and founders of Property Deal Store. My family and I have very recently moved back to our native Australia and settled in Brisbane after living in the UK for eight years. I wanted to write this because I can’t believe how much the housing market has changed over

February 27th, 2022 by
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Property Training: New Packages Released for 2022!

For 2022 we’ve fine-tuned our property packages and simplified things to create two core offerings. Direct Source and Platinum. Direct Source: we will source you a property based on your investment criteria and a strategy that we will work on together. Platinum: we will teach you all you need to know over a 12-month period

November 25th, 2021 by
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Property Deal Store: Investor Success Stories

At Property Deal Store we work tirelessly to bring the most value to our clients and our users. It’s therefore important to us to share the stories of people like you who have benefitted from our work. Those who have found strategies that work for them to get what they want out of their property

September 30th, 2021 by
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Introducing, Property Deal Store

There are no shortcuts to success in the property world, but that doesn’t mean your route to living the dream can’t be made significantly easier. It’s our job to make your success as property investors and sourcers much more likely and to help you achieve your goals quicker than you ever could have expected. That’s

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