What’s the importance of having a Coach or Mentor?

The coaching industry is massive and especially now more so than ever as we pivot and tackle life in a different way because of COVID-19. Here in the UK, life 12 months ago is almost unrecognisable. Having a coach/mentor/confidante cannot be underestimated. Talking through thoughts/ideas/next steps is paramount to keep moving forward and staying positive.

January 15th, 2021 by
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Sourcing & Selling Property, A Few Simple Rules

‘Sourcing’ and ‘Selling’ property seems simple at first glance. However, dig a little deeper and act in a professional and ethical manner and all of a sudden it becomes complex. But complex doesn’t have to mean can’t do…and by following a few simple rules… things become clearer. 1. Sourcing the Property: Ok, where does a

October 30th, 2020 by
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Navigating the Current Property Market

In our July blog we wrote that The Market is Recovering, and the Race is On! but it’s that fast paced in an ever changing world that we now need to look at the implications of what’s happened over the last couple of months. The market buoyancy continues but how has the impending second wave

September 30th, 2020 by
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A Q&A with Janice Minihan

For this month’s blog we thought we would do something different in the form of a Q&A session with one of our founding directors, Janice Minihan. The timing feels right for us to add some real value to you in this way as the property market battles back from lockdown. Also, given Janice is very

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Our Top Tips for Sourcers During Coronavirus

We’ve never seen such unprecedented use of the word unprecedented and we’ve got new phrases we never thought we’d say. After this has all passed you will never want to hear ‘self-isolation,’ ‘social distancing’ or ‘furlough’ again! As we slowly learn to adapt to this new temporary way of life, sentiment around how to do

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How to Profit from Rent to Rent

Over recent years rent-to-rent has exploded onto the scene when it comes to property investment strategies. So, what is rent-to-rent? The name tells the story. You rent a property off a landlord to in turn rent it out yourself to tenants. You might wonder why you would want to do such a thing, but there

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Why Overpricing a Property Isn’t a Good Idea

Whether you’re selling to the public via a traditional agent or you’re selling a deal to investors, it’s generally not a good idea to inflate your asking price. Here we’ll look at why that’s the case in general and then we’ll look at this in more depth should investors be your target market. It will

October 15th, 2019 by
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Listing Your Deal: The Sourcer’s Guide

There’s one thing that all investors want: information. In order to make sure that your deal gets the attention it needs to generate a sale, it’s important that you’re giving potential buyers as much information as practically possible. This enables investors to better understand the opportunity, it makes you easier to deal with, and it

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Introducing, Property Deal Store

There are no shortcuts to success in the property world, but that doesn’t mean your route to living the dream can’t be made significantly easier. It’s our job to make your success as property investors and sourcers much more likely and to help you achieve your goals quicker than you ever could have expected. That’s

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How to Become a Property Sourcer

Property sourcing can be an extremely lucrative career, but like anything else, to be successful, you need work ethic, knowledge, skill, and the right contacts. Let’s look at each of these fundamentals in turn and see if you have what it takes to be successful in the world of property sourcing… First of all, to

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