5. Profit Renovation Profile

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This module looks at why renovation is important. How it facilitates an opportunity to pull most of your capital back out of a project to recycle on the next. But also points out the potential pit falls of getting it wrong and devaluing the asset making it potentially difficult to exit from expensive bridging loans.

We define examples of minor and major works. What compliance is applicable for various different works and why its just as important to ensure works are certificated as it is to ensure you have a competent trades team.

Renovation is both ‘art & science’ and getting this equation correct delivers massive added value. However, the risks are high and here we point out examples of completed works that store underlying issues that can cause your tenants to up and leave!

Finally a short case study on one of our major works projects.

With this course you will receive a link to the training video and a PDF download to accompany the course.