11. Profit Development Profile


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For those that are considering developing property this module gives a quick overview of the seven stage ‘due diligence’ process that should sort a good deal from a bad one!

We drill down in ‘SAS’ style to cover the first three steps: SOURCE/APPRAISE/SECURE.

We share not only where you should look to source development deals, but probably more importantly what you should be looking for whether you are developing via ‘refurbishment’ or ‘new build’

How to appraise a deal? We look at items that you should be looking at as part of your initial appraisal and then cover off some of the more detailed aspects that should be part of your dynamic full appraisal. Utilising a 3 ‘C’s model; Costs, Compliance & Concerns we drill down into your due diligence.

Finally we then quickly look at how you can potentially secure a deal.

Concluding with one of our recent developments that should hopefully inspire you to achieve something similar!

With this course you will receive a link to the training video and a PDF download to accompany the course.