Introductory Package



This initial group of modules are best suited for people new to investing looking to make a start. Like building a house where you need foundations in first, the aim here is to give a new investor just that – the foundation to start building their portfolio. It will give an overview of how to do it without outlaying extraordinary amounts of cash early on.

FOUR Core Modules are covered which are the fundamentals to investing.

  1. Profit Strategy Profile – this profile will cover the 2 main strategies when investing in property and their various sub-strategies. What suits you and who do you need as part of your power team?
  2. Profit Location Profile – as the saying goes, location, location, location. Doing your research is imperative to making a profit or suffering a loss. Here we explain how you can make it work for you.
  3. Profit Planning Profile – this will cover how to spot an area to invest in based on facts. How do you know it will work? How to delve deeper into conducting Due Diligence. Start building your Power Team.
  4. Profit Pricing Profile – so you’ve completed the basics – this module focuses on continuing the Due Diligence on areas, identifying the importance of pounding the streets, speaking to potential power team members while particularly focusing on HOW to CRUNCH those numbers!

Upon completing this Introductory Course, you will have a good understanding of terms used within the property world. You have an area or 2 suitable for your strategy, can crunch numbers by calculating Return on Investment (ROI) to judge whether a property is worth looking further at or not.

With this course, you will receive links to FOUR videos and pdf slides of each video plus Property Templates to conduct Due Diligence and track money in the Money Tracker Resource.