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Buying Your First Home: Researching An Area

Historically many first time buyers have simply bought their first home in the same area as where they lived with parents or were previously renting. Now, with property prices rising steeply and demand outstripping supply in many of the more desirable locations, many first time buyers are having to broaden their search area. Even if

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How To Find A Property Sourcer

One of the biggest challenges of entering the property investing world was always; where and how do I find a deal? The options were simple; to find a deal yourself through putting in a lot of work to search, find, research, make an offer on, and finance the property. Or, to find a property sourcer.

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What’s the importance of having a Coach or Mentor?

The coaching industry is massive and especially now more so than ever as we pivot and tackle life in a different way because of COVID-19. Here in the UK, life 12 months ago is almost unrecognisable. Having a coach/mentor/confidante cannot be underestimated. Talking through thoughts/ideas/next steps is paramount to keep moving forward and staying positive.

January 15th, 2021 by
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