15th November 2021 by Property Deal Store Administrator

Miro S, London

Janice was introduced to me by one of our property coaches. After our initial conversation via zoom call there was something about Janice, that instantly make me believe that being based in London I actually can “team up” with someone from up north who has the necessary knowledge about the local property market and could help me to invest in the area I wasn’t familiar with. Janice quickly shared some very valuable tips and info about the area, which will definitely help me to decide about my future deals in that area. She is always available for a quick call if needed. Together with other members of her team, Janice also organizes zoom calls, where she talks about past deals or shares some valuable information about the property market in general. I’m very happy I’ve met Janice on my property journey. Even though I just start to work on my first deal with Janice I already know this will not be the last one!