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Whatever your reasons for wanting to learn more about property, one thing’s for sure; KNOWLEDGE IS KING!

If you’re new to property investment then you will likely make some of the rookie mistakes experienced by first-timers which can prove costly; from both a financial and health perspective!

Learning from the best in the business will steer you in the right direction and help you to avoid the pitfalls of investing in property. Investing pounds now, can save you thousands in the future!

Our team have been there, done that and got the t-shirt when it comes to investing in property. Via our training modules, you can tap into their expertise and learn first-hand the dos and don’ts of property investment.

Investing in property can be an exciting experience, leading to huge financial and personal gains. So, whether your aim is to generate a regular income, purchase for personal use or looking for a long-term investment, following our training program will set you off on the path to success!

Take our Introductory Property Course NOW and start your property investment journey with guidance from our market-leading team.


121 Mentoring

For those who want a package that’s bespoke to them and their goals, our 121 Mentoring is just that. Whether you're new to investing or into more complex transactions and want to scale up, you will find the experience you need in our 3 Directors who have over 8 DECADES of experience to guide you on your journey.

We believe there’s nothing out there on the market like it!


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Who We Are

Chris Faulkner

Chris is an award-winning property investor and property sourcer. He is a former PIN host and has a vast amount of experience in buy-to-let, lease options, holiday lets and flips.

Janice Minihan - Property Deal Store

Janice Minihan

Recognised as being in the Top 10 Women in Property Making a Difference (Yahoo Finance), Janice has built an extensive portfolio across the UK and in Australia with her key strategies being Sourcing, Flips, Buy-To-Lets (BTL), Mini-HMO’s (MiniMo’s), HMOs and Planning Gain flips.

Jonathan Bootland

After 30 years of managing large corporate portfolios Jonathan has spent the last 15 years building his own property portfolio specialising in complex refurbishments, high spec HMO’s and developments.

Chris receiving his Top 5 Mastermind Award

Janice visiting her BTL project

Jonathan out front of his development